Reuse and Recycle Responsibly

We are not only good at creating products and services to enrich people's digital life, but we also do right by the environment.
All e-waste collected by iRULU-controlled voluntary and regulatory program in U.S. is processed in the region in which it was collected. Our recyclers must comply with all health and safety laws, and we do not allow the use of prison labor. iRULU recyclers do not dispose of hazardous electronic waste in solid-waste landfills or incinerators.
We afford consumers a number of efficient ways to help make a green and better world. We provide mail-back program and local recycling locations. You can choose which way that works best for you.

Data Sanitization

Any iRULU data storage devices are destroyed through our shredding process:
  •   The device’s hard drive is removed from the CPU.
  •   The hard drive is shredded at Dynamic Recycling and the residual material is further processed an audited/certified downstream processor.
Consumers who wish to clear the data off their device prior to returning it for recycling should follow User Guide or Manual, then follow the instructions for "Factory reset" or "Resetting the device" (typically the last section in the guide before the copyright notice and index).
Here is the quick instruction of Factory reset for Windows and Android tablets:
1)  For Windows devices:
    Start>Settings> Update & security> Recovery> Get started> Remove everything
    PS: The whole process may take 2.5 hours.
2)  For Android devices:
    Settings>Personal>Backup & reset> Factory data reset> RESET TABLET
If you have any questions, please consult to the User Manual or contact our customer service team for help.
5885 Green Pointe Dr S, Suite B Groveport, OH, 43125 United States 

Mail-Back for Recycling

Simply ship your iRULU tablet, smart phone, or any other smart device that you're not using anymore to us. We’ll determine if it qualifies for reuse. If it does, that means your device has monetary value that we’ll apply to an iRULU gift card, which you can use for purchases at our online store If your iRULU device doesn’t qualify for reuse, we’ll wipe it of all data and recycle it responsibly at no cost to you.
iRULU or any other brand tablet, smart phone and smart device are qualify for the iRULU Reuse and Recycling Program. However, currently we only provide shipping label for iRULU brand device. We are not responsible for the shipping cost for any other brand
For iRULU device, send us the device name, dimension, pictures and manufacturer with your name, address, and phone number to our email box We will reply you with a shipping label for you to mail the device to us at no cost. Please use USPS priority service and package the device using the standard priority box that you can get from USPS store for free. Our shipping label covers the cost of package and shipment.
For other brand device, ship them to us with your name, address, and phone number.
Recycling Department at iRULU
5885 Green Pointe Dr S, Suite B Groveport
OH, 43125 United States

Local Recycling Sites

For your convenience, you can always drop your device to the return location without cost. To find the nearest return location, visit Enter your zip code and click Search on the page, you will find a list of recycling sites that close to you.

Recycling Event

We will host at least two collection events annually within the state like North Carolina. This year's events are still being planned. As events are confirmed, they are added to the calendar. Please come back to view the detail.

Contact Us

If you have any question about the recycling program, don't hesitate to reach out.
Contact name: iRULU Recycling Department
Toll-free Tel: 800-542-1798
Office: 614-662-8067