iRULU Jump Starter 600A

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<p>iRULU 600A Peak 13600mAh Car Emergency Jump Starter (up to 6L Gas, 4.5L Diesel Engine) with 12V Cigarette Lighter Charge</p>
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<li><span class="a-list-item">JUMP START ANY VEHICLE: Supports up to 6L Gas, 4.5L Diesel Engine. Ideal for all vehicles like motorcycles, tractors, light-duty trucks, oil boats, cargo vans, ATVs, RVs, snowmobiles, and more; Repeated use 30 times with 600A of peak current and anti-reverse protection clamps</span></li>
<li><span class="a-list-item">CHARGE DEVICES SAFELY: Designed with your best interest at heart, our battery booster has gone through extensive tests to meet all the safety regulations; The mistake-proof design alligator clips have over-current, short circuit, overcharge, over-voltage, over-charge, low battery protection</span></li>
<li><span class="a-list-item">8 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL KIT: This versatile jump starter will start your car anytime you want and keep you safe in any case of emergency. Use it as a power charging bank, as a cigarette lighter, as a LED SOS flashlight or even a compass. It’s also act as power bank for input voltages 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V devices such as laptop, mobile, tablet etc.</span></li>
<li><span class="a-list-item">EACH PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 powerful 13600mAh jump starter power bank,1 AC charger,1 car DC charger,1 USB cable,1 (8-in-1) laptop adapter,1 jump start wire clip,1storage bag, and 1 user friendly manual.</span></li>
<li><span class="a-list-item">GET THIS KIT RISK FREE: This car jump starter is backed by our 18-month warranty policy. It’s compact, lightweight and fits perfectly even underneath your seat.</span></li>
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<p><span class="a-text-bold">Multi-Function Jump Starter</span></p>
<p>Car starter, portable charger for the automotive, mobile phones,computers and other products<br /><span class="a-text-bold">Life Emergency</span><br />Make sure you and your loved ones can get home when stranded. This will jump your 4.5 Liter gas or 3 Liter diesel vehicle engine around 30 times on a single charge.<br /><span class="a-text-bold">Advanced Safety</span><br />Safety protection of short circuit,overcharge,over discharge and temperature.<br /><span class="a-text-bold">Ultra Compact</span><br />Unlike traditional bulky jump starter packs,the unit is small enough to store in your glove box,and light enough to pack in your bag.<br /><span class="a-text-bold">Powerful USB Ports</span><br />Good for charge multiple phones,tablets and other USB-charged devices.<br /><span class="a-text-bold">LCD screen</span><br />The LCD display accurately displays the remaining charge and output voltage,better to use of power and protect the device.<br /><span class="a-text-bold">Compass</span><br />In the outdoors,with the compass we will not be lost in the trip,it could specify the right direction.<br /><span class="a-text-bold">Ultra-bright flashlight with SOS</span><br />Whether you need light for any case, the ultra-bright dual LED flashlight in Boost have you covered. Built-in light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe.<br /><br /><span class="a-text-bold">ATTENTION</span><br />Do not connect the red and black clamps together.At start-up,the red clip is connected to the positive terminal,the black clip is connected to the negative terminal.Do not connect the wrong positive or negative electrode.<br />It might not work for jump starting when the battery is lower than 20 percents.<br />Do not start the engine for more than 4 seconds.After each start-up,the starter needs to cool for at least 30 seconds before the next start up.<br />Read the instructions before you use it.<br /><br /><span class="a-text-bold">Package Include:</span><br />1 x 15000 mAh Automotive starter Mobile power supply,<br />1 x jumper start wire clip,<br />1 x Car DC Charger,<br />1 x Eight in one laptop adapter,<br />1 x AC Charger,<br />1 x micro data cable,<br />1 x Tool bag,<br />1 x User Manual.</p>

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