iRULU HiFi Mp3 Player F20

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iRULU F20 HiFi Lossless Mp3 Player with Bluetooth: DSD High Resolution Digital Audio Music Player with 16GB Memory Card




  • Bi-directional Bluetooth 4.0 transmission



  1. iRULU F20 HIFI MP3 player can transmit sound to Bluetooth headphones, or as an amplifier equipped with a Bluetooth receiver. For compatible receivers, the aptX codec for High Quality sound over Bluetooth is also handled;
  2. It also can be worked as a Bluetooth audio stream transmitted by a smartphone via HibyMusic App. (Only support Android phone now,need to download app from Google play store);
  3. With bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be carrying studio-quality sound in your pocket wherever you go;



  • Idle Shutoff Timer


It will power off automatically when reaches the set time if there is no music playing in the background on the device to save power.


  • Expandable Memory Space:


This iRULU F20 MP3 player does not have built-in memory, but the package includes a 16GB micro SD memory card and you can expand it up to 256GB by popping micro SD memory card.

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