iRULU DLP Portable Video Projector H6

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iRULU H6 DLP Portable Video Projector, Full HD 1080P HDMI Multimedia Projectors, Support 15’’-120’’ Projection Screen for Home Theater Movie Cinema Entertainment Party Game

This iRULU home theater projector comes with 15-120 inches project size with 0.8-3.5 meters project distance, no matter watching movies, football games or playing games, it will provide a big-screen experience at home. The best projection distance is about 1-2M with projection size 40-60 inches.

16:9 aspect ratio, you can always get the most suitable and conformable visual angle to watch movies with your family and friend, just lie on your couch!

+/- 45 degree manual vertical keystone correction, Adjust the image with this function, picture will not be distorted. In case projector is placed in a tilt level, the picture quality won't be affected.

iRULU H6 TV video projector supports hifi sound with lower fans noise, color light output of 65% higher lumens, 1000:1 contrast delivers crisp, sharp and detailed images from Full HD content without down-scaling or compression, the video projector projects a clear image without inflicting the same optical harm as TVs, laptops, and tablets.

Formats Supported:


  • Video: MPEG-1; MPEG-2; MPEG-4; RM; RMVB; MOV; DIVX; VOB; AVI; MP4; MPG
  • Audio: MP3; M4A (AAC); FLAC; OGG
  • Picture: JPG; PNG; BMP


Bring Home Cinema Theater for you

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iRULU HD DLP Home Cinema Projector

Comparison between DLP Projector and LCD Projector

1. Introduction:

A: DLP Projector: Projector technology type that uses digital micro-mirror device.

B: LCD Projector: Type of video projector for displaying video, image or computer data on screen or other flat surface

2. How it Works:

A: DLP Projector: DLP’s one chip with a reflective surface having 1000s tiny mirror coordinated with a light source to reflect digital imagery to surface.

B: LCD Projector: Projected light onto mirrors split to 3 primary colors, colors then pass via 3 separate prisms, with colors converged via prism for projection on screen.

3. Contrast:

A: DLP Projector: 1) Smoother and Sharper Video; 2) Portable Smaller Box; 3) Pixels Less Visible; 4) Theater Mode on HDTV; 5) Higher Contrast

B: LCD Projector: More Visible Pixel; 2) Some Screen Door Effect on Certain Video Image; 3) Large and Heavier; 4) Poor Contrast; 5) Black is Lighter Gray than in DLP

4 Portability:

A: DLP Projector: LED Light Source, Helpful for Eyestrain; Smaller; Lighter; Easily Portable; Good Picture Quality

B: LCD Projector: Traditional Lamp, harmful to eyes; Bulkier; not convenient for portability; A Little Blurry

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