iRULU BL20 LED Video Projector Home Theater - Black

Model: BL20
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MSRP: $199.99
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Selling Points:

Projection technology: 5 inch LCD * TFT LCD panel, Operation mode: Manual / Remote control, Input: 2xUSB, 2xHDMI, TV or DTV, AV, YPBPR, VGA, Audio input. Etc.

Projection distance: from 1.2 to 6 meters, Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9, Power Consumption (Watt):110 W, 2x built-in speakers

Resolution (dpi): 800x480, support 1080P, Projection screen size: 32-200 inches, Color: 16.7K

Adapter: AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, Built-in Speaker: 3W Audio Output, 3 Kind of Projection Methods: Front / Rear / Ceiling

One year warranty with 24 hour Customer Service & Technical Support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.


iRULU BL20 Projector, a great centerpiece for your home entertainment system.

No matter play videos or watching football games, this portable projector enable to provide a big-screen experience from the comfort of your home’s sofa.


Support 1080P video

Thanks to the powerful and advanced LED technology, this portable projector brings a vivid and clear image on a large screen, and protects your family’s eyes without inflicting the optical harm from Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and TVs. Enjoy more on movies and games.


Dual HDMI connections

Enable to connect lots of device like Computer, laptop, Tablet, Apply TV and Smartphone. You can connect computer/laptop through VGA port as well. The RCA L/R Jack port is special for external surround system to create a real home cinema theater.


iRULU Guaranteed Warranty

If you don’t enjoy with your projector for any reason, please contact iRULU customer service for full refund or replacement within the first year of purchase.


Projection technology: 5.0 inch LCD * TFT LCD panel

Native resolution (dpi): 800 * 480, support 1080p video

Lamp Type: LED lights

Lamp life: 20000 hours

Projection screen size / distance: 32-200 inches, from 1.2 to 6m

Projection Lens: Manual Focus Lens

Color: 16.7K

Contrast (standard): 2000:1

Aspect ratio: 4:3 / 16:9

Projection Lens: Manual Focus Lens

Lens: f=125

Picture flip: 360 degree flip

Keystone correction: ±15˚ Manual Vertical Keystone Correction.

Operation mode: Manual/Remote control

Projection Method: Front/Rear/Ceiling

Noise (dB): less than 25 dB

Input: USB* 2/HDMI*2/TV/AV/YPBPR/VGA/Audio input & Output

Power: 110 V - 240 V (± 10%), 50/60 Hz,110 W

Shipping Weight: 4000g

Warm Tips:

1.The BL20 Projector is designed for Home Cinema Theater, recommend to use in dark environment for better performance.

2. NOT Recommended for PPT, Word, Excel, class or any kinds of Business Presentation.

3. The recommend projection distance is about 2.6m with projection size 80 inches, you can move the projector to get your favorite distance and size. Please note the projector distance and size can be adjusted by move the projector only.

4. When connect smartphone, please confirm if the phone supports MHL function, you need a Wi-Fi display dongle or a MHL cable to connect phone and projector, and choose "HDMI" as input source.

5. Built-in Speaker, but for better sound performance, please connect an external speaker through HDMI port or RCA L/R Jack. Doesn’t support Dolby's Audio system

6. The USB port can only compatible with mouse, keyboard, TF card reader and USB flash driver. No SD card slot.

7.When connect an antenna to watching TV, please connect a female coax to male PAL 9.5mm adapter

8. If you have any problem with the accessories like remote or bulb, please contact us to get a replacement

9. We provide One Year Limited Warranty with 24 Hour Customer Service & Technical Support, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with BL20 Projector.


1 x Power cable

1 x AV cable

1 x Remote(Battery is not included)

1 x User Manual

1 x Lens cleaner

1 x Screws

Additional Information





Contrast Ratio


Display Type


Projection Distance

1.2 - 6m

Image Size

30 - 200 inch



Native Resolution

800 x 480

Power Supply


Screen Scale


Android Wifi


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    After a few use it keep shutting off every 10mins and blinking red and green. This thing is a.scam

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Projector is great, been running 24/7 since feb

    Projector is great, been running 24/7 since feb. 4th. However the customer service lies and is rude. Projector works as great as the day i received it.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    While this projector is good for showing movies

    While this projector is good for showing movies. Do not be fooled with the 3D label that comes with it. It is a 2D projector and cannot send 3d signals out to your glasses. If you use anaglyph glasses (red blue) you can get 3D - that is what the company explained to me.3D from a 2D ProjectorIt is possible to project 3D images with a 2D projector, although you will need content that is in 3D anaglyph format. Anaglyph 3D has been around for decades and uses glasses with different colored lenses in lieu of the active lenses on 3D projection systems. While anaglyph 3D is typically weak at reproducing color images, it can do an excellent job of reproducing images that are in black and white and do not require a special projector.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Works good but had a ton of issues setting it up

    Works good but had a ton of issues setting it up. Bad design for using in a real theatre. Very hard to adjust size in fact it's nearly impossible because 75% was still to big. U would need a 100 ft screen. We adjusted on the computer to fit and it worked. Sound also worked fine connecting to a PA system. Would rank higher if it was adjustable and easier to adjust.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    This thing worked awesome! I was so excited that the picture was ...

    Used it the day we got it for outdoor movie night. This thing worked awesome! I was so excited that the picture was so crisp and clear. Speaker is not very loud, but you can attach aux speakers and it is fine.

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If i want to play broadcast tv (via antenna) through this, how can i do it? not an electronics junkie, more of a novice, so please use layman's terms


Hello, you can connect the antenna to the projector through a female coax to male PAL 9.5mm adapter. Thank you. 


Wanting this for outdoor movies. What is the largest screen size I can have with projector "without" losing the clarity?


Hello, thanks for your inquiry. The largest image size is 200 inches, but you will get a better experience in 100 inches. By the way, this projector is designer for Home Cinema Theater, we always recommend to use indoor and dark environment, if you need it outdoor, please in a dark environment. Thank you. iRULU Tec… see more 


Can sound go out through the audio output when the signal is originally hdmi?


Yes it can 


Any issue with the product so far?


No issues whatsoever. I used the projector for Halloween yesterday where I rear projected through a bed sheet stretched over a garage door opening so I could have a Halloween movie playing for the trick or treaters when they walked up to the house. A few kids even stopped, sat down and wanted to stay to watch the entir… see more 


can i connect a sub woofer to this? surround sound? how many speakers?


All you have to do is use the red and white RCA outputs and use an adapter to go to any kind of input you need on the speakers you want to use. 


What type of coax connector typeis needed there is not a male connection on the back of this


For TV, right? You need a Female to PAL Male 9.5mm TV Satellite Antenna adapter. If you still have problem, please contact our customer service. Thank you. 


Can this play multiple mp4 files in a continuous loop off a usb drive?


Sure. Here is the format supported by the USB port on the projector: 


will roku work with this device?


Of cause, you can connect it to the projector through HDMI port, thank you. 

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