H10 HibyLink Work Operating Instruction

How to Upgrade your H10 MP3 Player with Hiby Link Function?

Please Note:

Presently, Hiby Link only works for Android devices, not for IOS devices.


1: Use USB cable connect H10 player with your PC;

2: Download the file: update.upt into flash card;

3: Enter H10 player > System > Firmware Upgrade > Choose “YES”;

4: You’ll see the upgrade bar in the screen, wait about 1 minute, the upgrade will be done.


How to Connect H10 MP3 Player with Hiby APP?

  1. Follow instruction “How to Upgrade your H10 MP3 Player with Hiby Link Function?” to upgrade your MP3;
  2. Enter H10 Player > System > About > About the Player

Choose “irulu-h10” in the first line, press play button 8 times, you’ll see “Hiby Link on”;


  1. Back to enter H10 player > Bluetooth > turn on bluetooth;
  2. Run HibyMusic APP on your Android Device, If first time to use Hiby App, please download by the following ways.


  • Search “HibyMusic” on Google play


  1. Enable “HibyLink Client” > “Search for Devices”


In “Available” area, you’ll see “irulu-h10” device, choose to pair.

Then you can control your MP3 player via HibyMusic APP on Android device.