About iRULU

it all started in 2005 with an MBA grad's dream of making cutting-edge smart technology affordable for everyone! The first iRULU tablet launched in 2011, and since then, iRULU.com has expanded to be an exciting one-stop shop for all of your smart device technology needs. From smartphones, to tablets and fitness devices, you'll find it all on iRULU.com!

Reaching the 10 year mark since starting this journey, iRULU.com has:

  • 250+ Employees
  • 100's of Products launched
  • 2MM+ Satisfied Customers 
  • 300K+ Website visits monthly

and I Connecting: Over 160K followers.

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Low Prices: With 100% of our sales online, we eliminate the high costs of distribution and 
pass the savings along to you without sacrificing the quality or features you need.

Are Our Future:

We aspire to continue to design and produce the latest high quality technology with all the features you need and the upgrades you want 
-- without the high price tag --so you, our valued customers, can stay connected with families, work and the world.